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about us

The history of our company dates back to 2010. We started out as a small onion peeler. Gradually, we also started buying peeled onions from local farmers. Due to the growing interest of our customers in our product, as well as a large group of raw material suppliers, we decided to expand our company.
At present, the purchase, peeling and sale of onions is our main business profile. The company Stanek Sp. z o.o. is a leading onion producer in Poland. Thanks to the high efficiency of our production and efficient logistics, we provide fast deliveries to customers.
In 2020, we increased the range of products offered for sale. Here you will find fresh and deep-frozen fruits and vegetables.
We also place great emphasis on the sale of organic products. We obtain them from clean areas of the Lublin region, from leading producers, thus guaranteeing the safety of our products and their high quality.
We meet the expectations of our clients, approaching each of them individually. At the customer’s request, we can prepare varoius od sizes of our fruit and specific custs of vegetables, as well as package individual assortments based on your requirement.